Daughter of the first political prisoner in Eritrea speaks to Radio Sayoub

Daughter of the first political prisoner in Eritrea speaks to Radio Sayoub

Mrs. Maymuna Mohamed meranat, he daughter of the arrested judge Mr. Muhammad Marant speaks to Radio Sayoub, which is a diaspora based independent Radio, about her tragedy that followed the arrest of her father for thirty years. At the time of her father’s arrest who was taken from his house in the middle of night of 17.07.19991 in the Eritrean city of Keren. To this date, he is still being held by the Eritrean authorities. He was neither brought to court nor was the place of his detention disclosed.  

Judge Mohamed Marant is considered one of the most important Sheikhs and dignitaries in the Eritrean city of Keren, and Eritreans consider him the first detainee in the country since Eritrea gained its independence.

It is a well-known fact that the Eritrean regime is still holding thousands of Eritreans in various prisons without charge and whose fate remains unknown to this date.  

Mrs. Maymuna is considered one of the prominent activists advocating for the rights of detainees. Although she lives in conditions that are not suitable for her life and the lives of her children, as she is constantly exposed to threats from unknown elements trying to force her to abandon her humanitarian and moral duties. Despite this, she carried the issue of the Eritrean detainees on her shoulders, and she was present in all media outlets. Visible and audible, but as a mother and wife, she became afraid of her life and that of her family in the country of residence.

On our part, we at Radio Sayoub call on the competent authorities to look for solutions to protect the life of the Eritrean activist, Maymuna Mohamed who could be forcibly disappeared.

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