Press Release – Annual Meeting of the Central Council of the Organization for Unity for Democratic Change (OUDC)

Press Release – Annual Meeting of the Central Council of the Organization for Unity for Democratic Change (OUDC) 

28 September 2020

The annual meeting of the Central Council of the Organization for Unity for Democratic Change was conducted from 26 to 27 of September 2020. The meeting started with a welcome note from the council speaker /Mr. Hamid Dirar/. The speaker led the council agenda after welcoming the central council members, who participated the meeting remotely from North America, Europe, Africa and Middle East, whishing the participants “full health, thanks to the Almighty for allowing us to meet again, and eternal glory to our martyrs” because of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Following that, the chairperson of OUDC, Comrade Tesfamichael Yohannes, gave detailed brief about the current situation of our country and people, and explained specifically about the unstable political situation, and danger for war in Eritrea and in the Horn of Africa region in general. Following that, the executive committee officers presented their detailed annual report in turns.

Council members were also briefed about the developments of the ongoing relationships with political forces of the justice seekers camp and with the neighboring countries, and about the need to have relationship with such forces, about the current discussions with parties/organizations, and about the re-organizations. Initiatives such as the London Conference, formation of Preparatory Committee of Eritrean Political Forces, and different other task-forces were notably described in detail in this regard.

During the question and answer session, all issues, opinions and observations were noted. The Central Council in its meeting generally weighed on plans the OUDC accomplished and listed tasks that need focused attention. The Council approved the report and work plan of the executive committee.

Pleadings and recommendations of the Central Council to the Executive Committee:

  • Do everything possible to immediately resolve the problems our people and country is facing,
  • That the OUDC Council leadership should do all possible things to strengthen activities aimed at unifying Eritrean Political Forces, 
  • That the Yiakil [Enough] Mass Movement should be encouraged and supported,
  • That the activities of civic organization to motivate people to stand up against the dictatorial regime should be encouraged and supported,
  • Calls neighboring countries for lasting peace and good neighborhood.

The meeting was concluded with a moment of silence by pleading the executive committee of the organization to implement the well intentioned work plans together as a committee, and individually by the respective department offices, and approved for the executive committee to continue as is.

Our struggle for justice shall prevail!

Eternal glory to our martyrs

Central Council of Organization for UDC

26-27 September 2020

News and Information Office of Organization for UDC 

28 September 2020

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