Statement of Eritrean Political Forces On the Current Developments in Ethiopia

Statement of Eritrean Political Forces

On the Current Developments in Ethiopia

We, the allied Eritrean Political Forces (EPF) in forced exile, received with shock and consternation the Ethiopian media reports of armed flare up in mid-night of 3 to 4 November 2020 because of the internal misunderstandings that existed between Ethiopian political forces.   We no doubt followed with deep concern the mutual rejection of each other’s legitimacy in the aftermath of regional elections in Tigrai State which were found unacceptable to the Federal Ethiopian Government. However, we hoped that both sides would resolve their differences peacefully.

Needless to say, the disruptive consequences of war to stability and progress are very well known to the Ethiopian people in general, and to the people of the Regional State of Tigrai, in particular. It was with this conviction that hoped for peaceful resolution. It is sad that now the differences escalated to armed confrontation. Nevertheless, we in the EPF urge the conflicting sides to cease fire and resort to dialogue for a win-win solution because we all know that consequences of armed conflict is nothing but wanton destruction.

By its nature, the ongoing situation in Ethiopia has its direct impact on the entire region in general and on Eritrea in particular. That is why we have been urging the conflicting forces in fraternal Ethiopia to avoid escalating tensions to the brink of armed clashes. We assume that the people of Ethiopia and their leadership by now know that dictator Isaias Afeworki has the blind desire to interfere in the affairs of others only to spoil and disrupt. Thus, we earnestly want to remind our Ethiopian brethren that Isaias Afeworki, who frustrated the noble dreams of Eritreans, cannot and will not do good for Ethiopia and its people. We also strongly advise that forging relationship with this same Isaias Afeworki and giving him the opportunity to interfere in Ethiopian affairs will eventually make Ethiopia pay an extremely deplorable high price.

Call to the Eritrean People

And you, our Eritrean people, fully appreciate the extent of positive or negative influence of situations and developments in Ethiopia in general and in Tigrai in particular. You don’t need anyone to tell you what the home-grown dictator, who failed your dreams for peace, development and democracy, has also recently put on sale your precious sovereignty won through incalculable sweat and blood. The dictator himself has been telling it to you. The pain and the loss you suffered because of the meaningless armed conflicts with several neighboring countries that were instigated by the dictator had nothing to do with your hopes and best interests, and you cannot forget those losses anytime.

Therefore, we once more remind you, our patriotic nation, to watch out and never respond to dictator Isaias Afeworki’s plans to plunge our nation into the armed conflict flaring up in Ethiopia. He cannot live and prolong his days in power without war. We believe that not been watchful and careful now will inflict more pain and lasting losses that can never be reversed. 

Thus, we appeal you, our Eritrean people, to use all in your power to work for peace-making and peaceful co-existence with your neighbors and stand against any warmongering. Never let yourself to be used in fulfilling the dictator’s insatiable whims, and never again be used in things that are none of your business, none of Eritrean affairs.

Call to the Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF)

To you, the Eritrean Defense Forces, wars have the bitter experiences you went through during the years of national liberation struggle and national sovereignty. The sacrifices you made in conflicts initiated by the dictator to stay in power were also very high, and the scars are still with you. You are once more observing what the same Isaias is doing to throw you into the conflicts inside Ethiopia. No one can forget that Isaias not long ago said: “We will not stand idly by in internal developments in Ethiopia.” And if you, EDF, again play in the hands of Isaias, the bad consequences will adversely affect not only you as EDF but the future of the nation and its future generations.

Therefore, we the allied Eritrean Political Forces in forced exile strongly appeal to you to do all what it takes to foil the plan of involving you in internal Ethiopian affairs. If not, your mistaken involvement in this conflict can turn Eritrea into a war-zone.   

Call to Regional and International Organizations

It should be known that the worst part of clouds of war gathering in the region will not remain limited to battlefields.  It could be observed that the current situation may miss, or could have been intended to miss, full world attention because of the renewed concerns about the covid-19 pandemic and the elections in the United States. However, the negative repercussions of this conflict in the Red Sea basin, the East African region and beyond could be very painful for all.

Therefore, we in the EPF strong urge regional and international organizations to make their utmost to stop the armed conflict in Ethiopia and play their part in finding durable solutions to the problem.

Eritrean Political Organizations (EPF)

4 November, 2020

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