PRESS RELEASE The Unity of Three Eritrean Political Movements


The Unity of Three Eritrean Political Movements

The whole world is witnessing that our country, Eritrea immersed in a huge regional crisis. Deprived of basic needs, Eritreans are suffering under political monopoly by very few for the rest is considered a crime. There is no basic human rights and democratic respect; therefore, the rest of the population is condemned to imprisonment without the due process of law, and suffering under overwhelming fear, starvation, and ignorance. As though these grim situation is not enough, the PFDJ regime, knows only the language of war but not the language of diplomacy. It has been apparent that the regime’s internal policy based on constantly beating the war drum; inciting conflicts with our bordering countries, exposing our people to wars and deaths that have no any benefits. Consequently, we are observing that our people becoming disabled, refugees and dispersed.

It has to be clear that the principal cause of such suffering and grim situation of our country is the leadership of PFDJ regime. The PFDJ regime not guided by rule of law, operates under the whim of an individual person, who rules Eritrea by decree. As long as the PFDJ regime is not removed, Eritrea cannot fulfill human and political rights, economic development or the social demands of our people. Aware that the primary enemy of the Eritrean people being PFDJ regime, we are confident that we can mobilize our resources and efforts directed against this regime. The consistent public demands have been unity and collaboration. The individual organization’s struggles that we have been conducting so far could not satiate our people’s thirst for liberty. In order to respond to the needs of our people at this challenging stage, we have united three political movements. The names of these three sister movements are:

  1. Union of Eritreans for Justice (UEJ);
  2. Union for Democratic Change (UDC);
  3. Eritrean National Salvation Front (ENSF-HIDRI).

We would like to share the good news that the political movements have become one starting on February 28, 2021. We have no doubt the achieved unity will please our people. The new name of the united movement is United Eritrean Movement. It is critical to point out the objective that helped us for such successful unity. First, our people reacted in strong opposition when Isaias’ exposed his treasonous nature stating, “We had no loss,” and (referring to Ethiopia and Eritrea passed relation) saying, “Who says that they are not one people, does not know the truth.”  On the other hand, it has been a response to Eritrean Diasporas’ popular movement known as Ye’akle-Enough” demand for introspection to attain unity and solidarity. Second, we acknowlge that the “Tempo Afrique,” organization has played critical role by inviting opposition movements for a dialogue, conducting civilized and successful event. Finally, the movement known as Mothers Uprising had also critical role. Parallel to the aforementioned contributions, the London Conference invited and encouraged for unity. The sum up of all these movements, created conducive environment for the leadership of these three movements to establish a “Negotiation Committee,” August 2020. Therefore, we proclaim the good news of the achievement the desired unity. We express our gratitude to all who contributed to make this a reality. In relations to this, we call upon:

  • Esteemed members of our respective movements to thank you for carrying on the initiative to reach its objectives. We further ask you to continue with great zeal until we attain our ultimate goal.
  • The Eritrean people and its civic organizations to give unreserved support  to our United Movement in the effort of removing the dictatorial PFDJ regime, which has monopolized  political, economic and authoritarian forces to destroy our people and country. This high time of organizing and unleashing our power potential.
  • Movements with similar vision, this achievement should encourage them to take similar initiatives in joining the effort.

The special identity of PFDJ is war and destruction. Currently, we are witnessing that our people in general, and our youth in particular are being sacrificed in Ethiopia civil war (internal conflict), which is none of their business other than to satisfy Isaias’ violent gore. Highlighting such unfolding atrocities in Tigray and other similar events, our United Movement would like to consider the following points:

  • Condemns in the strongest sense the destruction of human lives and properties caused by PFDJ regime’s military involvement;
  • The Ethiopian military presence in Eritrea violates our national sovereignty; therefore, it has to come out of our country immediately;
  • Calls upon the Eritrean military to get out of Tigray conflict zone immediately;
  • Strongly condemn the inhuman acts perpetrated upon the people of Tigray and Eritrean refugees; calls upon the world community to pay special attention to issue at hand;
  • Calls upon the world community to have a close look at Eritrea, where justice, human dignity and human rights are absent;
  • Invites national and international human right advocates to raise their voices against unjust imprisonments.

Eternal Glory and Memory to our Heroes (Martyrs)

Victory to the Struggle of Our People

Freedom and Honor in Eritrea endure forever!!!

February 28, 2021

Afewworki Kidane UEJ
Tesfamicheal Yhannes UDC
Ogbazghi Debus ENSF Hidri


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